What is Honey Bush?

What is Honey Bush?

Honey bush vs Rooibos

Honey bush is a shrub that grows in Western Cape, South Africa. Honey bush is closely related to Rooibus, as both plants belong to the same family.

Honey bush gets its name from its naturally sweet, honey-like taste and scent. Not only is honey bush a sweet-tasting tea, but it also offers many benefits. Honey bush is naturally caffeine-free, contains minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium, and contains antioxidants. 

Honey bush is the sweeter of the two, as the name suggests, and rooibos (aka red bush tea) has a woodier taste. However, both are delicious and naturally caffeine-free. The two teas are also extremely healthy and can be enjoyed warm, or cold as an iced tea.

The leaves of the Rooibos plant are cut and are either oxidized, producing what we know as Red Rooibos or are unoxidized, producing what we know as Green Rooibos. In teas, oxidation is the changing of the leaf color, which plays a large role in the different flavors. The oxidation process begins once the leaves are picked or cut, and is either arrested in some leaves or allowed and encouraged in others.

Here at New Moon Tea Co, we sell our Honey bush as a cider. Containing only three ingredients (Honey bush, cinnamon and apple), we can ensure that this tea is as bare, but delicious as it gets! 

Preparation: (per 8 oz water) Bring water to a boil, add 2-3 tsp loose leaf honey bush cider to desired mug, tea pot, tea ball, etc. pour boiling water over loose leaf tea, cover and steep for 5-6 mins. After the tea has steeped, remove cover and strain if needed. Enjoy hot with nothing added, with a little honey if desired, or add your own little twist. 

This honeybush cider is the perfect caffeine-free option to sip and enjoy on those crisp and cozy autumn or winter days, whether you're curled up with a book, taking it to go, or sharing it with your loved ones! 

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