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Bush Berry

Single Serving Tea Sampler | 26 Flavor Variety Pack

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Discover a world of flavors with our Single Serving Tea Sampler. This 26-flavor variety pack offers a curated selection of organic, loose leaf, ethically sourced teas, providing a unique tasting experience that caters to all palates.

Our tea sampler includes a diverse range of flavors, such as stomach soothing, invigorating mint, rich masala chai, refreshing green lemon, and comforting creamy earl. Explore a mix of herbal, black, green, and specialty teas.

With single serving portions, this sampler is perfect for trying new flavors without committing to a full-size package. It's an excellent way to discover your new favorite tea or enjoy a variety of options depending on your mood.

Our teas are carefully sourced and crafted with organic ingredients and packaged in compostable pouches. Enjoy a sampler that not only offers an exceptional tasting experience but also supports sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

As a female-owned business, we prioritize quality and sustainability in our products. Our teas are packaged in compostable materials, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Embark on a tea-tasting journey with our Single Serving Tea Sampler. Order now and share your favorite flavors and discoveries by leaving a review!

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When you buy from us you are supporting a small and female owned local business. We do every thing from sourcing to hand blending, packaging and shipping. Every tea is thoughtfully created and made with organic ingredients which are locally grown or sustainable sourced.