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Mood Boosting Herbs

This time of year often feels like a Wall has come up and its over 50ft tall! It's hard to over come our natural need for sun and often seasonal depression, anxiety and cabin fever start to set in after the excitement that the new year brings. 

In this blog post we will be sharing some common mood boosting herbs, their benefits, and our teas which contain them.

Chamomile ~ Chamomile contains carminative properties, which are warming to the stomach and digestive tract, improving digestive actions, and in turn boosting mood, as when are digestive system is not functioning properly, it can have an impact on our overall mood and brain function. Chamomile is also a relaxing nervine, which relieves anxiety by relaxing the stomach and mind. 

Chamomile can be found in: Farm and forage-Chamomile, Apple Cinnamon, Relax and Renew, and Sweet Dreams.

Lavender ~ Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties, and has a long history of use in anxiety and depression. Lavender helps to relax and calm anxiety, and to lift spirits during bouts of depression. Because of this, lavender is a great herb to use during seasonal depression, or low mood caused by shifts in the seasons. 

Lavender can be found in: Knock Out, Sweet Dreams, and Relax and Renew

Holy basil (Tulsi) ~ Much like Chamomile, Holy Basil helps to warm, support, and settle the digestive system. Holy basil also has immune and nervous system support, and has the ability to reduce the impact of noise induced stress, as well as brain fog caused by exhaustion. 

Holy basil (Tulsi) can be found in: Lemon Ginger Tulsi

Lemon Balm ~ Lemon balm is a relaxing nervine tonic and can be uplifting in times of anxiety, restlessness, and low mood or depression. 

Lemon balm can be found in: Knock Out, Sweet Dreams, In Flow, and Relax and Renew. 

Rose ~ Rose is a calming nervine and heart tonic. Rose is very helpful in anxiety, to relax the nervous system, and reset the response to stress. Rose is a nourishing heart tonic, for both physical and emotional. They are calming and soothing for anyone suffering from heartbreak, grief, sadness or loss, and do wonders in lifting and boosting mood. 

Rose can be found in: (Rose Petals ) Sweet Dreams, In Flow, (Rose Hips) Hibiscus Punch, Wild Orange and Immune Defence.

Written by; Violet Johnson for Bush Berry.

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